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Interstate 81 – We need reasonable solutions.

A spate of accidents and traffic tie ups on Interstate 81 has led to new calls for attention to the highway. We agree that is it time for concerns in the northern Valley to be addressed with sensible improvements that respect private property and the historic and rural context of the corridor. Read on for I-81 history and our ideas for its future.

(Photo from VDOT’s Tier One Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS), 2007)

The Loop Road – Opportunity to comment


In April 2018, the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) released an amendment to its transportation plan, and much to our disappointment, plans for a destructive and unneeded loop road around the city remain a project. This is significant, because both the County and Harrisonburg City are in the process of updating their respective Comprehensive Plans using the MPO’s transportation plan as a guide. The City has released a draft Plan, and sure enough there are segments of the loop road in proposed transportation improvements. Find meeting dates and how and when to comment here..

Shale Gas Pipeline Threatens National Forest

pipeline construction 2

The 550-mile Atlantic Coast Pipeline, proposed by Dominion Power Resources, poses a significant threat to the natural, recreational and drinking water resources on the George Washington National Forest and to private property and working farm and forest land in Augusta, Highland, Nelson and Buckingham Counties. Two other 42-inch pipelines also are proposed across western Virginia. All seek to move shale gas from West Virginia to North Carolina power plants. Keep up-to-date on the Augusta County Alliance page.


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