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Bridgewater Bypass

Bridgewater officials have long supported a bypass around the town. CAP looked closely at VDOT’s report on the likely impact of the new road.

Buried in an obscure section of the report, CAP found that VDOT’s data make it clear that the bypass would actually make Main Street traffic worse in Bridgewater!

Unfortunately, CAP’s input in the planning process was ignored, as town officials pressed for a new road through a prime agricultural area where they hoped to spur commercial development. This sprawl would have been in conflict with the county’s plan to keep growth close to existing towns.

Luckily, the road has proven to be cost prohibitive at $69 million, and did not receive funding under the new Smart Scale structure to rate and prioritize road projects. So, Bridgewater is going back to the drawing board. CAP will be looking for opportunities for public input, so make sure to join our mailing list and like us on Facebook for updates.


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