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Land Conservation

CAP encourages county leaders and landowners to take advantage of the many financial incentives and programs available to permanently protect working farms and forests, historic battlefields, open space and other natural and historic resources.

Donated Conservation Easements

A landowner can voluntarily donate their development rights through a permanent conservation easement. This voluntary tool is useful for those who do not wish to develop their land but want to continue to enjoy traditional rural land uses, such as farming, forestry and recreation.

CAP congratulates the Rockingham landowners who have donated 19 conservation easements to the Virginia Outdoors Foundation to date, permanently preserving 2,654 acres. Agencies like Valley Conservation Council, Shenandoah Valley Battlefield Foundation and the state Department of Forestry, as well as professionals like Conservation Partners LLC also assist landowners with easements in Rockingham County

Purchased Conservation Easements (PDRs)

Rockingham County supervisors and staff, members of CAP, and other farm and conservation groups have worked since 2008 to explore ways to retain prime farmland, forest and battlefield lands, through a purchase of development rights (PDRs) program.  from willing sellers.

A citizens committee that included Kim Sandum, CAP’s executive director, worked with the county to draft a PDR ordinance and policies in 2008.


CAP appreciates the ongoing support of our state legislators for continued funding of public and private land protection programs. These include the state income tax credit for conservation easement donors, a matching grant program for local governments with PDR programs through the Farmland Preservation Office of the state Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, the Virginia Land Conservation Fund grant program, and the Virginia Outdoors Foundation easement program.


CAP provides timely and accurate information to foster good public policy in transportation, land use planning and land conservation.


CAP studies how local, regional and state plans will impact Rockingham County's rural heritage, traditional towns and villages, and the natural, historic and other resources essential to our high quality of life.


CAP helps Rockingham residents make their voices heard on matters that impact the County's rural character, urban spaces and natural and cultural resources.