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Land Use

CAP advocates for well-planned growth and development in Rockingham County and its towns. We support efforts to channel new growth to existing communities, to preserve the integrity of agricultural lands and to keep our taxes low by reducing the cost of providing public services to new development, such as roads, schools, water and sewer.

Rockingham County Zoning

After seven years of hard work by Rockingham County planning staff, the Planning Commission and many residents, a sweeping revision of the county zoning ordinance is now complete. CAP encouraged supervisors to improve zoning for Rockingham’s smallest communities, like Keezletown, Singers Glen and Bergton.

George Washington National Forest

Thanks to participation from citizens and local governments the Forest Service does not allow new leases on the George Washington National Forest in its final management plan.

Shale Gas Drilling in Rockingham

Thanks to scrutiny from local officials and opposition from Rockingham residents, a Houston-based gas driller has withdrawn a zoning request for the state’s first fracking well in the Marcellus shale, near Bergton, and announced plans to let its’ gas drilling leases expire on more than 13,000 acres in the county. After five years and still unanswered questions, Rockingham’s Board of Supervisors officially denied the permit on February 24, 2015.


CAP provides timely and accurate information to foster good public policy in transportation, land use planning and land conservation.


CAP studies how local, regional and state plans will impact Rockingham County's rural heritage, traditional towns and villages, and the natural, historic and other resources essential to our high quality of life.


CAP helps Rockingham residents make their voices heard on matters that impact the County's rural character, urban spaces and natural and cultural resources.