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Harrisonburg-Rockingham MPO Planning

The Harrisonburg-Rockingham Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is responsible for regional road planning, a process that is frequently mirrored by planning efforts at the Virginia Department of Transportation. CAP was founded in response to VDOT and MPO plans for a north-south loop road around Harrisonburg.

CAP’s analysis of the region’s road issues show that there is a much greater need to address east-west transportation problems, through projects like the Southeast Connector and Route 33 access improvements. CAP also showed that a bypass highway through the county’s Agricultural Reserve is in direct conflict with Rockingham’s Comprehensive Plan for future growth.

In 2005, the MPO adopted a Vision Plan that called for the north-south loop road, but dropped the project from its final Constrained Long Range Plan, due to lack of funding. The Long Range Plan must be updated every five years, a process now underway. Unfortunately, the loop road remains a feature of the Vision Plan, which is used as the foundation for the Long Range Plan.

CAP will carefully watch the MPO Long Range Plan process, including two studies that could be used to justify a loop road; a Route 11 South corridor study and a North Valley Pike study. We will keep our members and the public informed about opportunities to comment on local and regional road planning.


CAP provides timely and accurate information to foster good public policy in transportation, land use planning and land conservation.


CAP studies how local, regional and state plans will impact Rockingham County's rural heritage, traditional towns and villages, and the natural, historic and other resources essential to our high quality of life.


CAP helps Rockingham residents make their voices heard on matters that impact the County's rural character, urban spaces and natural and cultural resources.