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Port Republic Past – Present – Future

Port RepublicWhat makes the village a great place to live?

If you were to return to Port Republic in 20 years, what would you hope to see?

Port Republic area residents and interested citizens had the opportunity to help shape the future of the community by answering these and other important questions to determine a unique vision statement for the village and surrounding community and action plans for next steps. CAP and our partners were delighted at the community’s engagement and participation. We are excited to share feedback and results and continue to assist the community in making sure Port Republic retains its heritage while evolving within its vision.

Community Vision for Port Republic

In 50 years, Port Republic is thriving with much the same community spirit and extraordinary sense of place we enjoy today. Our greatest resource, our residents, value and protect the Port’s remarkable heritage – the historic village and adjacent gateway, the North and South Rivers that form the South Fork of the Shenandoah, the Port Republic Civil War battlefield and the surrounding farms and landscape. We provide for our community’s needs through enhancements that are compatible with this vision and our rural heritage. We welcome visitors to enjoy our history and learn from our efforts to plan for a future that does not erase the past.

Meeting Dates & Materials
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Some Background & More Info
CAP was pleased to partner with Shenandoah Valley Network and Shenandoah Valley Battlefields Foundation to host the three village planning workshops, with participation from Rockingham County staff. The workshops gave local residents the opportunity to define the features that distinguish the Port Republic area and to determine how their area should grow and still retain the special character of the place. Participants also considered how to implement the community’s vision for its future.

Rockingham County recently created a new zoning district, the Rural Village Business District, for small communities like Port Republic. The outcome of these Port Republic planning workshops will inform the County’s planning and implementation of the new zoning district. We hope that it will also be used as a model for community planning in Rockingham’s other rural villages.

Thanks to a grant from the National Park Service’s American Battlefield Protection Program, our planning project was guided by land use planner, Karen Gavrilovic from Paradigm Design and Planning, who has experience in rural planning in other small communities in Virginia.

Rachel SchrockAgain, we were delighted at the community’s dedication, participation and vision to create a plan to best preserve and enhance the Port’s traditional land uses and agricultural heritage, and the unique qualities of the National Register Historic District and Civil War Battlefield, while meeting the future needs of Port residents. (photo by Rachel Schrock, student in Steven Johnson’s Conservation Photography Class at Eastern Mennonite University)


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